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Airport Procedures

How It Works.

Passengers arriving on domestic or international flights must follow these procedures in order to take possession of their Absolute Limousine, already in position, waiting in the designated area.

* Proceed outside the main doors of the airport, identify yourself to the Limousine Dispatcher (located on the sidewalk) and inform him of your reservation with Absolute Limousine.

* The dispatcher will call your chauffeur who will be there to greet you within one (1) minute.

* Should you experience any difficulties with this procedure, please do not take another transportation. Immediately call the Absolute Limousine dispatcher, on service 24h per day, at 514-235-7070 or via our toll free number 1-888-832-7070.

If you are not comfortable with these procedures, you may contact us either to obtain further details or to use our meet and greet service. Do not hesitate to advise our personnel when you make your reservation.

Meet and Greet: This service signifies that our driver will go inside the airport with a sign stating the passenger's name, the enterprise, logo or other, as per the customer's request. Note that there are additional charges for this service.